North coast outage – Resolved

At approximately 4:30PM today our link to Fort Bragg (and the rest of the North Coast) went down. The cause of the outage is unclear at this time and is possibly a fiber cut. There is also a power outage in the general location of the tower site, but our equipment is running on battery power so that is unlikely to be the cause.

More info to follow.




Update @ 6:23PM

The root cause of the current outage on the North Coast is still currently unknown.  Power is certainly out at the tower site but it is unknown if the equipment is running on battery still.  Requests to the fiber provider for updates on our circuit there have only resulted in opening of trouble tickets at this time.  PGE has no current estimate for power restoration. 

Due to current stormy weather and a steep, rutted tower access road, I have postponed an on-site trip until first light for safety reasons.  I anticipate arriving around 7AM barring fallen trees and the like on the access road that need to be moved.

For fun, you can see a video of the weather conditions at the site shortly before the outage occurred at the following link (caution, the wind noise is quite loud):

More details to follow.


– Jacob


Update @ 10:50PM

​With restoration of power to our Fort Bragg tower site, service is back up for subscribers on the North Coast.  Tomorrow I will investigate why backup power did not last as long as anticipated.