Resolved – Coast fiber cut

2022-05-11 – ATT repaired the damaged fiber this morning at 6:20AM and all services are restored.

As many are probably already aware, ATT suffered a fiber cut affecting Fort Bragg this morning.  This fiber cut has also affected our network on the coast, as we utilize ATT fiber to transport service back to our Ukiah location.  ATT does not currently have an estimated time of repair, but we have an open ticket with them and will update our customers when (if) we receive an updated ETR from them.

Once the fiber cut is repaired, service to our coastal network should be fully restored.

Thanks for your understanding.

– Jacob​

Possible outage notification – Willits, Ridgewood Ranch, Reeves Canyon

PGE Power was lost yesterday morning 12-27 at around
10AM at a mountaintop site that serves subscribers along the Ridgewood
Grade, Ridgewood Ranch, and parts of Willits.  Our equipment has been
running on battery since power was lost.

PGE has an estimated time of restoration of 10PM tonight, but due to heavy snow on the mountain that ETR may be ambitious. Due to the heavy snow accumulations we can’t currently get to the site to run our own backup generator. It is my hope that grid power can be restored before our batteries run flat.

Thanks for your understanding

– Jacob

Resolved – Coast power outage causing service interruption

=== PGE Restored power at 1:30PM ===​

At about 10:40 this morning PGE suffered a power outage that is affecting the Bald Hill tower site above Fort Bragg.  For unknown reasons, the backup generator at the location doesn’t appear to have started automatically like designed.   

This outage is affecting subscribers in Fort Bragg and North to Westport.  

An update will be sent as soon as PGE provides an ETR for electrical service at the site.


– Jacob

Resolved – Cascading failures


Earlier this evening one of our fiber transport providers partially repaired one of our links that had been down since yesterday afternoon. During the repair, the link flapped on and off a number of times which caused a ripple effect across our network as traffic shifted between backhaul links, causing low speeds or no service at all for subscribers off and on. 

I’ve disabled the circuit being repaired until it can be more fully tested in order to stop the port and route flapping that has been causing issues for subscribers for the last 1.5 hours or so. Things should be back to normal now.

Thanks for your understanding.

– Jacob

Resolved (for now) – Continued power outages – Willits and parts of Redwood Valley

One of our sites on Laughlin Peak between Willits and Redwood Valley has been without power since Tuesday evening.  It has been running on backup battery and minimal solar backup, but the batteries have finally gone flat this morning.  Grid power is expected to be restored by 10PM tonight.  I will be delivering a generator to the site later this morning though, if the access road is passable, to restore service sooner.

This outage affects some subscribers in Redwood Valley, Ridgewood Ranch, Western Willits, and Brooktrails.


– Jacob

Resolved – Power outage – N. Ukiah, Redwood Valley, Potter Valley, Calpella

This afternoon at a bit before 3PM we were able to deliver a generator to the affected mountaintop site and restore service for those subscribers that themselves had power.   As of ~7PM this evening grid power is also restored at the site and no further outages are expected. 

Thanks for your patience while we cut trees out of the way and slogged through the snow to get service restored (it was a fun outage to resolve).

– Jacob