Anticipated PGE outages – how this may impact your service

As of 8:45PM Monday evening PGE is anticipating disrupting power to large areas of Lake and Mendocino Counties beginning at 4AM on 10-9-2019.  Current PGE PSPS info is available here:… <>
I have anticipated these possible outages and have portable generators at critical grid-powered sites to minimize any service disruptions to our subscribers, particularly those that serve public safety customers.  In addition to this, a majority of our sites are off-grid and aren’t affected by grid outages.   We do however, have a number of small relays that serve small groups of people that only have small battery backups.  These small relays will go offline in the event of an extended power outage.  
What I can’t anticipate unfortunately, is how these large-area power outages may affect the networks of upstream fiber providers that we lease connectivity from between Ukiah and the Bay Area.   I expect that their facilities should have adequate battery and generator runtime to get through the outages without issue. Unfortunately though, this is something we won’t know until we know.
During an extended power outage our office phones and computers will be offline.  We will however be available via email at ** if you have any questions.
Thank You,
– Jacob