Update 3 – Connectivity issue between Ukiah and Fremont

7:45PM – Unfortunately this update isn’t much of an update, except to say that the very large international carrier is still trying to get spares on-site to replace the failed line card.
I appreciate how frustrating it is to not be receiving a firm estimated time of repair in these messages. Unfortunately I can only pass on what little information I can get each time I wait on-hold, for sometimes over an hour for an update from the provider.
Hopefully more positive updates to follow soon.
– Jacob

Update – Connectivity issue between Ukiah and Fremont

The source of the connectivity problem appears to have been found within one of our fiber provider’s networks and they have dispatched technicians to diagnose and repair.  Unfortunately I have not yet received an estimated time of repair from the provider as they are still en route.
If you happen to have my personal cell phone number I would like to remind you that it *is not a support line*, and calling me while I am awaiting important calls from technicians attempting to restore service only slows the process down.
More updates to follow.
– Jacob

Upcoming changes – your participation is required – *Please Read*

Dear SeaKay Broadband subscriber,
There are some upcoming changes to our business that we need your participation in.  Please read below to find out what is happening.

*What’s changing?*
Beginning August 1, 2020 we will begin operating under the business name Happy Cycling LLC and start to phase out use of the SeaKay Broadband name.  Beginning this week (7-20-202), we will also be migrating all subscriber accounts who signed up before November of 2019 to our new billing system.  Aside from the name change and the billing system migration, there will be no changes to the services you receive from us.

*What do you need to do?*
We will begin migrating accounts to the new billing system this week.  This process will most likely take a few months to complete.  Below are the steps:

– Once your account is activated in the new system, *you will receive a welcome email*.  *Please* read the welcome email.  This email contains a link to the *new billing portal*. – Please login to the new billing portal and update your payment information.  Your payment information *must be updated*.  We *cannot* transfer the encrypted credit or debit card data between the billing systems.

– Your billing portal username is the *primary email address* on your account.  Your temporary billing portal password is your *10 digit phone number + your street number*.  For example, if your phone number is *7073761234* and your street address is *776 South State Street*, your password would be *7073761234776*.  You may (and are encouraged to) change this password upon logging in.

– If you have trouble with the new billing portal please call us at 707-376-1234 and we can enter your payment information.

– In the event that your payment information hasn’t been updated a few days after your account has been activated, we will call you to obtain your updated payment information.  In the event that we need to call, it will be myself, Clay, or Kolby that you hear from.

– Once your account is activated in the new billing system and your payment info updated, there is nothing more you need to do.  your old billing portal account will be deactivated automatically and your payment info removed.

Thank you for taking the time to read this email and updating your account once you’ve received the activation email.  If you have any questions about the transition, get stuck along the way with the new billing portal, or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  It’s been a pleasure to provide service to you and I look forward to doing so for many years to come.

Thank you,

– Jacob

Why the change?
A long story short – Back in 2011 Kim (McNab Ranch Net) and I met and started helping each other out with projects on our individual networks.  In 2013 we decided to combine our two networks under what was essentially a co-op business model.  Kim at the time, was also working with a 501(c)3 called SeaKay, Inc. to get McNab Ranch Net off the ground.  We called the joint venture SeaKay Broadband and worked together, under the umbrella of the 501(c)3 until Kim’s retirement in 2018.  Beginning in 2017, I started laying the groundwork for the eventual change and today, here we are.

PGE PSPS Update – State of the network

Well in to the third full day without power I thought I’d send an email to update everyone on the state of things related to our network and answer a few common questions.
The vast majority of the network has been fully operational during this extended outage.  A large number of our sites are solar powered and thus not affected.  However, our head-end in Ukiah and a handful of critical macro sites that serve large geographical areas are grid powered.  These grid powered sites have been running continuously on generator and backup batter power for the duration of the outage and will continue to do so.  
Some smaller micro-relay sites that serve small number of subscribers have either been partially impacted by the power outage, or totally down during the power outage.  The vast majority of subscribers served from these micro-relays would not have noticed though, as they are also without an alternative power source.  The number of customers served by such sites that haven’t been continuously up, account for 13% of our total subscriber count.  Unfortunately there are a large number of these small sites and it is unrealistic for us to move generators and fuel around to all of them for such a wide-spread and extended outage.
Of the remaining 87% of customers, almost 50% have been online during the power outage at some point.  Either because they are already off-grid, or they have used a generator or other alternative power source to get online.
Areas currently affected by the power outage (on our end of things) include the following:
– Fort Bragg  to Westport – all subscribers – Redwood Valley – Uva Drive, North State Street, and surrounding area (11 subscribers) – Downtown Ukiah – Between Stanley and Clay – Laytonville – all subscribers – Old River Road – From Ruddick Cunningham South – McNab Ranch – Subscribers served from McNab Ridge Winery – Hopland – about 20 subscribers – Blue Lakes – about 25 subscribers east of Irvine Ave
Affected areas above will resume normal operation when power is restored in those locations.
It’s always my hope to provide the most reliable service to all subscribers.  These power shutoffs are a great test of plans that have been put in place, and expose many areas in which we can improve.   Some very positive infrastructure changes in our network will result from this experience.
I want to send a special thank you to those on Orr Springs road that jumped at the opportunity to help with keeping things afloat this weekend when a call went out. It is truly appreciated.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email.
– Jacob